Fee Recommendations

IGFM minimum fee recommendations for freelance, project-based orchestra musicians in Austria

AS OF AUGUST 2020 – short version

This document is the IGFM / Austrian Association of Freelance Musicians’ first step in dealing with the issue of fair pay. It is our aim to highlight the dire financial situation of freelance musicians by placing it in a real-world context.

Our recommendations for minimum fees are calculated according to the rates of Austrian orchestras governed by collective agreements. All additional fees, including overtime, off days during projects, bonus payments (for solo work, etc.), royalties, and the issue of travel days, are not considered in this document.

For definitions of terms, detailed calculations and further examples of minimum fee recommendations (Veranstalterverband Österreich, Vereinigung Alte Musik Berlin, et al) please see the full version (available soon!) of this document.

A. Minimum standards for freelance orchestra projects: 

We recommend the following minimum fees per working period for freelance orchestra work in Austria:

Per rehearsal period (max. 3 hours, with one break of at least 20 minutes): EUR 94.16

Per concert period (a continuous performance of up to 3 hours): EUR 188.32

The IGFM recommends these standards be instituted as of 2020; they should be adjusted for inflation every two years.

Please note that since these are minimum standards, the 13th and 14th monthly salary customary in Austria has not been considered in the calculation. We call on all orchestras and promoters to take this fact into consideration and set their payment rates appropriately higher than the minimum recommendation.

In addition, substitutes in all orchestras governed by a collective agreement should be offered a contract for their period of employment, or their payment should fulfill or exceed the minimum standards of the IGFM.

B. Minimum standards for private instrumental and vocal lessons

The IGFM has oriented itself on the collective agreement of the Vienna public music schools for its calculation of these rates, and recommends a similar or slightly higher rate for freelance instrumental and vocal teachers.

The IGFM recommends teaching fees of app. EUR 60 (before taxes) per 60 minutes for private music instruction in Austria. This fee should be adjusted according to personal situation. We recommend that this fee also be adjusted for inflation every two years.

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