We are not alone!

The IG Freie Musikschaffede not only relies on its members and the core team, but also works closely with well-known Austrian musicians who share their visions and views and are happy to talk about them.

We thank these musicians and ensembles for their commitment and dedication!

Our Ambassadors


“The Covid-19 crisis, which surprised us all at the beginning of 2020, has shown us once again that the independent scene has to work together much more intensely. We need a stronger, unified voice so that our demands and needs won’t be left unheard. Let’s take this crisis as an opportunity to form a community and stand up for the visibility of our profession and for fair payment!”

ALMA, Zeitgenössische Volksmusik,
Photo © by Daliah Spiegel

Christoph Cech

“Freelance musicians are regularly exposed to degrading situations, in stark contrast to the high demands of their art.
An adequate level of payment is becoming rarer, those at the level of distribution (organizers, labels, etc.) pass their financial problems on to the last link in the chain, the artist. And they know that if your response is “No, I can’t play on these terms…”, they can find someone who will do it for even less.
The complete lack of solidarity among artists has to end. Society needs to take an interest in not letting the arts deteriorate into the precariat. The alliance of the IGFM can only have a positive effect.”

Christoph Cech
Photo © by Eckhard Derschmidt

Sascha Goetzel

“Music is the universal language of all people and their cultures. Just as culture can’t exist without language, language can’t exist without culture.
Therefore, supporting the people who dedicate their life to music is not just a matter of the heart, but also a duty for any sentient human being.
Only through the preservation of the freelance music scene in all its variety can we maintain the musical diversity necessary to the creation of identity within our culture.
A disproportionate payment system within the music scene guarantees the creation of a musical monoculture that irrevocably, as in nature, leads to the depletion of the resources needed for natural growth in life.”

Sascha Goetzel
Photo © by Özge Balkan

David Helbock

“We find ourselves in an extremely difficult crisis, which particularly affects culture and the arts. An exceptional health situation, gradually developing into an economic, political and social crisis is threatening to divide us.
In my opinion, music is the one unifying, universal language able to move us intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. It’s especially important in times of crisis because it can provide us with guidelines to improve our solidarity as a society.
This is why I support the IGFM in their work for freelance musicians: so that after this crisis is over, freelance musicians will still exist, inspiring younger generations to lead a life with music and envision a better future.”

David Helbock
Photo © by Joanna Wizmur

Die Knoedel

“Usually, freelance musicians are individualists. They like to pursue their own agenda, because that’s already hard enough – everyone has to fend for themselves.
This leaves no room for altruistic thinking. That’s why it is all the more welcome that the IGFM has been formed, to address the concerns and needs of freelance musicians. It is important that there is a lobbying group to join and concentrate the individual voices. 
We thank the IGFM for their commitment, and hope that it will enjoy much success and bring about great improvement for freelance musicians.”

Knoedel/C.Dienz, Oktober 2020
Photo © by

Patricia Kopatchinskaja

“Good work demands a fair wage, and without a fair wage it’s impossible to do good work. Yes, that also applies to musicians: we eat bread, not notes.
The IGFM represents the rights of musicians, and is teaching our society to respect our profession.”

Patricia Kopatchinskaja
Photo © by Marco Borggreve

Mira Lu Kovacs

“A representation for musicians of all genres was long overdue.
It is important to create awareness that making art is work, and that every person who creates art deserves and needs security.
Dialogues to encourage understanding at the interface between musicians, organizers and politics are a necessity.
We can only improve the situation if the exchange with the powers that be takes place in a clearly structured manner, and if a mouthpiece for artists exists that is aware of  – and personally acquainted with – their struggles, that communicates and deals with their interests and concerns.”

Mira Lu Kovacs
Photo © by Ina Aydogan

Lorenz Raab

“Before I was hired by the Volksoper orchestra in Vienna I lived as a freelance musician; and I know the situation very well.
In an orchestra, employee representatives concern themselves with the safety and fair treatment of the members.
For a long time, I’ve hoped for a group that freelance musicians can turn to with concerns that are usually not manageable as an individual.
Many thanks to the IG Freie Musikschaffende for your great work and your dedication.”

Lorenz Raab
Photo © by Julia Stix

Kian Soltani

“The IGFM is doing important work to ensure that freelance artists are treated fairly and equally.
In these times, the outlook of freelance musicians is grim – a full month without any concerts can cause severe financial difficulties, since freelance artists are only paid for concerts they actually perform. Therefore, support from the government and timely compensation for lost income are crucial!
The educational work the IGFM does and the advice they give – not only to artists but also to the government – is very valuable, and I fully support them.”

Kian Soltani
Photo © by Holger Hage

Marie Spaemann

“Most of society still has a very distorted view of the working life of independent musicians. This image can sometimes become so overwhelming that we start viewing ourselves as itinerant circus artists whose work has no measurable value – therefore it is hard to establish any kind of framework.
Since this is a myth – we work just like everyone else; we need structure and rules like anybody else – a contact point for freelance musicians is very important. Not just to improve musicians’ rights and working conditions, but also as a clear statement in favor of this wondrous, unique occupation.”

Marie Spaemann
Photo © by Andrej Grilc
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