What are the goals of the IGFM?

The IGFM demands comprehensive social security for all freelance music workers. The current system with problems of "bogus self-employment", high income limits for SVS and KSVF and the lack of affordable unemployment insurance via the SVS often leads to a precarious financial and social situation for freelance music workers - even after many years in the profession. 

Another goal is the long-term Establishing minimum salariesminimum wages, which should be taken into account first and foremost in public houses and in state subsidies. In practice, it must be possible to achieve an appropriate salary for working hours that are equivalent to full-time employment.

Fair practice is also an important issue - issues such as working hours, cancellation fees and expenses need to be improved. Self-employed musicians are often in a very weak negotiating position and usually feel forced to sign contracts exactly as they are presented with them. What is needed here is increased awareness on the part of the musicians and communication at eye level with promoters and organisers.

Finally, the networking and especially the cohesion between the artists should be strengthened. We are many and we will manage to improve our situation if we act in solidarity and share information efficiently.