Shadow survey of the IGFM

Invitation to participate in our new survey on the income situation of freelance musicians in Austria

Dear members of IGFM, 

There is a lot going on at the moment in the "Fair Pay Focus Group" of the BMKÖS - in the working meetings, cultural initiatives and interest groups are networked and fair working conditions are discussed. The focus group and the working groups of the Länder will meet shortly. The aim of all the people involved in this process is to analyse the current situation in Austria and to work out a process to finally significantly improve the working conditions of freelance artists.

A large-scale survey for the music sector has already been offered, but the questionnaire prepared by the Gallup Institute was aimed more at musicians who are also promoters themselves and who hire people for projects. We at the IGFM have now created a so-called "shadow study", a survey to find out about the situation of all those musicians for whom there was "no room" in the BMKÖS survey or who simply work differently and cannot answer the questions well.

We cordially invite you to participate in our shadow study under the following link, please also share the link diligently among your friends and colleagues. The results of our study will flow directly into the work of the BMKÖS focus group, so it is important that many musicians take advantage of this opportunity and help!                          

Deadline is 20.03.2022.

Thank you for your cooperation - the better we can express the situation of freelance musicians in figures, the better we can find instruments (pun intended!) to improve our working situation!

Your IGFM Team