IGFM – Interessensgemeinschaft Freie Musikschaffende

Austrian Association of Freelance Musicians
we listen – we inform – we act

IGFM is an interest advocacy. It is a nationwide community of self-employed musicians from various genres who are actively seeking to improve working conditions for all freelance musicians in Austria.

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What does IGFM do?

  • IGFM is a contact point for freelance musicians
  • IGFM provides information
  • IGFM is the “mouthpiece” for all freelance musicians: it offers a platform for musicians’ voices to be heard
  • IGFM represents the interests of freelance musicians to the government and in the media

Why do we need IGFM?

  • To improve working conditions in the freelance music industry and address grievances (e.g. fees, unfair working conditions, sexism, racism, ageism and all forms of discrimination)
  • To provide relevant information to musicians, including non-German speakers
  • To help shape cultural politics and react publicly to media coverage
  • To promote awareness of freelance musicians in politics and society, and strengthen solidarity in the musicians’ community

IGFM represents:

  • Everyone who works as a freelance musician in Austria, regardless of their country of origin
  • Anyone who wishes to raise an issue while staying anonymous
  • All freelance musicians who want to actively contribute to improving the situation

Why do we need IGFM?

  • The creation of a solid legal and tax framework for the profession of “Freelance Musician”
  • Fair Pay, Fair Play and Fair Practice as a requirement regarding public funding for concert organisers
  • Social security for freelance musicians
  • Solidarity instead of each musician being a lone wolf. We understand, encourage and support each other!

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Be part of the community and contribute to a better working environment for freelance musicians in Austria!

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